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Funeral Services

Our services include:

Funeral Arrangements | Clergy or CelebrantVenue | Catering | Hearses | Newspaper Notices | Cremations or Burial Plots | Embalming Service | Viewings | Floral Tributes | Caskets | Service Sheets | Legal Requirements | RepatriationsMemorial Options

We can offer you a full and comprehensive professional funeral service right through to a simple farewell. As an experienced Funeral Director Bryce, in consultation with your family is able to co-ordinate all the necessary arrangements and bring everything together, taking care of many of the more stressful aspects of losing a loved one.

We recognise that funeral services provide a final opportunity for family and friends to express their love and respect for the person who has died, which when handled with sensitivity and compassion provides not only an opportunity to grieve the loss but also an opportunity to celebrate a life.

Our service can be tailored to meet your requirements to create a funeral ceremony which not only reflects the life of your loved one but also acknowledges their personal, ethnic and spiritual beliefs.

Discussing the Funeral Arrangements

At the time of your initial contact with us we will need to establish whether it was the deceased’s wish to be buried or cremated. This will enable us to obtain the correct documentation from the doctor or coroner involved.

We will arrange to meet with you at your convenience to discuss the funeral arrangements at either a family member’s home or at our premises, which ever is most convenient for all the family. We would at this time establish a suitable venue, day and time for the funeral service to be held. From this point we will work with you to plan all aspects of the service.

Contacting Clergy or a Celebrant

Contact with the clergy or celebrant is an important part of the arrangements as they will also need to meet with you to discuss the funeral service in order that a fitting tribute can be put together.

We are able to make that initial contact on your behalf if prefered. If you would like, a family member or friend can also fulfil the role of celebrant.


Where to hold the funeral service is an important factor as often this will be a reflection of your loved one’s life and wishes. Services can be held in a variety of places, for example:

  • Church or Chapel
  • Marae
  • Family Residence or Garden
  • Hall / Sports Club / RSA etc
  • Crematorium or Graveside
  • Outdoor venue – including the purpose built “Green Cathedral” on the shores of Lake Hakanoa.

Or at our premises we offer the “Chapel of Memories” which has the ability to seat approximately 130 guests.
The chapel is modern and has been tastefully designed and decorated to cater for all types of services, including weddings. In the adjacent lounge we can provide catering for up to 160 people.


Our catering team offer a wonderful and professional catering service. We offer catering for funerals with all food preparation being carried out in our certified kitchen facilities, where everything can be catered for. Our typical selection includes club sandwiches, savouries, sausage rolls, a selection of sweets, tea and coffee and fruit juice. We are happy to discuss your specific needs and come up with a selection that best suits your requirements.

“Thanks to the wonderful catering team for their lovely food and excellent service’’

Media Notices

A notice in the media is a good way of informing friends and family of the death and of the time and venue of the funeral. We can arrange these on your behalf and can assist with the wording. We will also discuss the cost of these with you as these can be expensive especially if they are large or in several papers.

Bookings for Cremations or Burial Plots

We can assist you with your options for cremations and burial plots.

Most cemeteries and crematoriums are Council owned and operated with costs varying between councils. We are able to deal with the local authority concerned and make all the necessary arrangements on your behalf. Options for cremations could include private cremations or a pre-arranged family delivery.


Embalming offers three important assurances, preservation, sanitation and presentation.

It is an important factor if viewing is to take place, as it provides a more natural appearance, and allows those involved in the funeral process to interact with the deceased without experiencing any unpleasantness or health risk.

It is especially important if the body is to be transported any distance. We provide this service on-site in our fully equipped mortuary.


Many families wish to spend time with their loved one before the funeral service.

In consultation with you we can arrange for viewings either at your home, at our premises or at the venue prior to the funeral service. It is fast becoming a more acceptable practice to have your loved one back at the family home where they can be surrounded by family and friends, this can assist with the grieving process.

Floral Tributes

Floral tributes are a traditional part of funerals and say a lot about the loved one you have just lost. Flowers maybe required for the family residence, at the funeral venue or on the casket. We work closely with very talented local florists, Flour & Bloom and Amy’s Flowers  who can all tailor-make arrangements taking into consideration your preferences for particular flowers or styles.

Caskets / Coffins

Choosing a casket for your loved one is often a difficult thing to do. We are able to discuss your options, offering a comprehensive range of styles and costings to fit all tastes and budgets.

Our range includes the traditional custom-wood veneer and solid wood styles offered by Western Caskets however we also offer a selection of very personalised caskets from the Dying Art and Departure Lounge companies. From this range you can select anything from lush landscape designs, to vibrant flowers beds or even seascapes and dolphins.

We also have available a full selection of ash urns including solid timber, veneer, pewter and biodegradable options.

For those who are concerned about environmental issues we can offer options to respect this need.

Service Sheets

We can prepare a service sheet (also known as an Order of Service) for you to provide your guests. These make an ideal memento and can be personalised to include a photo, personal message, words of songs / readings etc. We can also arrange for matching “thank you” cards for that personalized acknowledgement.

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